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Hidden Countship Opens

Donatella Cappelletti

Posted on July 24 2017


The Hidden Countship

To understand Charleston’s newest shop, The Hidden Countship at 21 Burns Lane you need to meet Italian entrepreneurial and creative duo Giulio Della Porta and Donatella Cappelletti. Giulio has more than 30 years of experience in renovation and interior design. Donatella’s background is in architecture, design, and journalism. Together they share a mutual appreciation of Italian artisans and their work, particularly from the Northern region, which includes Charleston's Sister City, Spoleto. In the beautifully restored residence, Giulio and Donatella created a space that is perfect for both the shop and upstairs museum. Exquisite crafled antiques, furniture, paintings, jewelry, linens, cutlery, and ceramics abound. The objective of this venture is to gather the very best of the “Made in Italy” brand of art, luxury, and interior decor; and to offer it to the American market via the Holy City. Of the elements particularly alluring, check out the trompe I’oeil panel with of a slightly ajar door and a boxer dog peeking out. The artist will paint any dog or person you like, and it’s charming and one example of many customizable artisan offerings from The Hidden Countship.

The Hidden Countship

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