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Arte Legno

Arte Legno | Umbria, Italy

 Arte Legno's line of unique household items are finely carved and crafted from the precious wood of 200 year old trees that have recently been retired as producers of fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils, due to frost. This company's roots as artisans stretch across two generations, and provide these trees a chance to be used anew by hand-crafting absolutely distinct one-of-a-kind pieces that share the passion of the past, the splendid beauty of the singular, and the pleasure of playful design. These products give you a chance to continue the spirit of generosity of the olive tree in the roots of your own home. 

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Diego & Domenico Tasselli

Tasselli Cashmere | Umbria, Italy

Over the past fifty years, Umbria has become a staple location for the manufacture of high quality Italian Cashmere knitwear. Tasselli played a major role in the development of this industry, maintaining all of its tradition while improving and evolving each season. Tasselli represents an answer to the quest for a distinctive, innate elegance: a new horizon for a textile tradition “Made in Umbria,” which the artisan weaker have kept alive and florid. The Company revolves around an “ability to do everything,” a versatility that is unique to Italian manufacturers: Renzo Tasselli founded the brand, while his two sons, Domenico and Diego, respectively take care of artistic design and business management. Tasselli preserves a workshop where creativity and talent prosper: the design office became a hotbed of light fabrics, material blends, water repellent fabrics, and polychrome prints.

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Bottega Artigiana Tifernate

Stefano & Francesca Lazzari

Bottega Artigiana Tifernate | Perugia, Italy

Bottega Artigiana Tifernate, whose motto is “we make art where art was born,” is a small company that specializes in reproductions of frescos and paintings on cement, wood, and canvas. Availing itself of a technique called pictografia, whose patent is pending, this family team produces reproductions not only for sale to private clients, including restaurants, hotels, and spas, but for museums and government entities that want to purchase reproductions of famous works of art located in other countries, or that seek to replace originals with copies for the sake of conservation. The production of these kinds of pieces requires the scientific study and analysis of the works of old Renaissance maestri and their techniques as well as a rediscovery and reinterpretation of such works. In the case of the frescos, clients can enjoy a true fresco on cement, with the physical traits of traditional frescos and colors of same chemical and qualitative composition. All processes and products used in the work of the Bottega are organic; nothing is harmful to the environment.

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Rometti profile

Jean Christophe Clair | Massimo Monini

Ceramiche Rometti | Umbria, Italy

Settimio Rometti, a man who combined artisanal skills with business savvy and artistic discernment, founded the company in this small Umbrian town at the dawn of Mussolini’s fascist regime, a time of moderate economic wellbeing conducive to the production of craftwork that catered to the tastes of the affluent classes. Rometti was the first in Italy to break away from the figurative style of the late Renaissance and Art Nouveau traditions and take up the innovative ideas of the avant-garde in international art and design. Thus, works of outstanding quality were created: vases, dishes and sculptures of enormous importance in the history of European ceramics and of great value as collectibles today; stylized figurative works, sometimes visionary, at times playful and bizarre, created by such artists as Corrado Cagli, Dante Baldelli, Mario Di Giacomo, Giacomo Balla, and Fortunato Depero. Rometti’s fame has led to prestigious partnerships with the Chamber of Deputies, the National Library of Florence, the Central State Archives, Eurochocolate and Umbria Jazz. Among the major international brands that have commissioned products from Rometti are Rosenthal for the dishware on Alitalia and Guzzini for the “Pomona” series, as well as Armani, Pierre Cardin, BMW, and Cooper. Rometti’s historical role in the cultural landscape of Umbria and Italy through the decades prompted the city of Umbertide, in 2011, to found a Rometti ceramics museum to give the public an opportunity to appreciate this company’s important contribution to Italian ceramic arts. In spite of the company’s history and prestige, Rometti makes for the Hidden Countship a beloved line of ceramics with the della Porta family crest.

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Marco Dominici

Marco Dominici

Dominici Gioielli | Umbria, Italy

Dominici was born in Umbertide (Umbria). As a boy he studied at the Art Institute of San Sepolcro (the city of Piero della Francesca, in Tuscany), and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. Always attracted to the art of working with gold, he began to make jewelry during his studies and finally opened his workshop in Umbertide in 1978. Since then his work has blossomed, leading him to international exhibitions in Japan, France, England, and Italy (he took part in a famous exhibition of goldsmiths at the Spoleto Festival in the 1990s). Dominici’s style reflects his passion for the manipulation of metals as well as a unique eye for untraditional combinations of stones and pearls. His work underlines the poetry of everyday materials, and in fact he has created works of unparalleled beauty with bronze and iron. His motto is “a jewel must give joy.”

Michelangelo Gioielli

Marcello Fontana

Michelangelo Gioielli | Tuscany, Italy

Exquisite design, created by Marcello Fontana, who does research on shapes and materials the artist's style and that moves the hands of skilled craftsmen, jewelery unmistakable charm. The production is completely silver 925 with use of precious stones and precious materials.The name is a guarantee of quality that is referenced in the story, which makes it invaluable content Caprese Michelangelo a land unique in the world, the birthplace, in the year 1475, Michelangelo Buonarroti.

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Natalia & Daria Dolfi

Natalia & Daria Dolfi

ND Dolfi | Tuscany, Italy

Traditional Italian maiolica (or Majolica in English)—fired earthenware coated with an opaque tin oxide glaze, then hand-painted—has flourished in this central Tuscan town since the 1400s, when its production in Florence proper waned and this industrious valley became home to dozens of professional potters. The Dolfi company, founded by the family patriarch, Giovanni Dolfi, and his son, Silvano, circa 1950, has stayed true to that historical local maiolica recipe descended from the della Robbia, dating back to the ‘500s; the red clay, the bases for the glazes and colors, they are all handled, worked, and blended according to the rules governing artistic maiolica production. At the same time Dolfi has sought to refresh its creativity and to experiment with shapes and colors to meet contemporary demands in interior furnishing and giftware. Now run by daughters Daria and Natalia, Natalia’s husband Carlo, and two other longtime apprentices, this small company makes bold, colorful, and whimsically nontraditional creations full of wonder and flair. The company cultivates the talents of apprentices slowly and through the years; as Daria says, “This is an art that is never completely learned; there are always possibilities uncovered and results unreached. It is important that our customers understand the challenges of our art; it is out of love and passion that we dare with a new color or with a new glaze to the point of upturning the traditional parameters of ceramic-making.

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