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  • Nativity Figures "Man with beard"
  • Nativity Figures "Man with beard"
  • Nativity Figures "Man with beard"
  • Nativity Figures "Man with beard"


Italian 18 c. Nativity Figures "Man with beard"

$ 750.00


Neapolitan Crèche Figure of Man with beard with its original 1700 costume.

Materials: Painted and modeled terra-cotta, paper mache, carved wood, cotton, cloth, silk, lace, gold and silver thread.
Dimensions: 11 in (Height) 5 in (Width)
Made in Naples

Christmas crèche scenes were very popular in 18th century in Napoli where the largest school of Italian modellers was centered. Each year nativity tableaux were set out in the churches, often with elaborate and costly settings, theatrically staged around the puppet like figures. The quality of the workmanship of these figures together with the magnificence of their fine costumes is exceptional. The Royal Bourbon court of King Charles III of Naples employed famous artists to create fine figures for use in the palace nativity scenes. They were not just confined to churches, and the Royal court, they were also used in domestic interiors where whole crèche scenes were put into especially painted sets which often included the volcano Vesuvius smoking in the background.

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