Our Story



Giulio and I grew up in central Italy and as much as we treasured our Italian traditions, we longed to see the World.
It was during our travels and adventures that we ended up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We quickly fell utterly in love with Charleston.
Prior to visiting The Holy City, we had never experienced a city so sophisticated that reminded us of our heritage and so charming that captured our hearts. So Giulio and I decided to stay. Indefinitely.
Through living in a new country, we revitalized our passion for our home country. As Charleston has taught us Southern traditions, we have in turn shown Charleston the beauty of an Italian lifestyle.
We opened the Hidden Countship as a means to tell a story. A means to reconnect to our roots.
A means to paint a picture while being outside of the canvas.
The Hidden Countship is growing everyday. We like to think that we are growing with it. While Charleston continues to blossom, we are happy to unite them. 

Donatella Cappelletti Della Porta