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Red Tartan Kelly

Red Tartan Kelly Italian Handbag | Leather, Wool and Antelope

$ 720.00 $ 910.00

Enjoy this beautiful handbag inspired to the timeless beauty of a Kelly Bag.
It is a trapezium closed with two straps. Four studs on the bottom,
itself made of three layers of leather, enabling it to stand on the ground.
The padlock, keys, and hardware are made of yellow gold plated brass.
A double ring at the top handle is designed to attach to a shoulder strap.
The construction of this bag requires 20 to 30 hours while a mass production handbag requires less than one hour.
Materials: Printed Calfskin, Tartan wool, and Antelope
Dimensions: 9.5" (Height, without handle) 13" (Width) 5,5" (Depth)
Made in Palermo, Italy